electrical system is divided in two systems:

- original Firebird wiring

- optional wiring

optional wiring:

electric waterpump, electric fuelpump, electric fans, fuel safety pressure switch, WOT-switch, heaterblanket, MSD6 digital ignition, airshifter, 2x MSD digital rpm window-switch, air/fuel monitor, switchbox.

All extra wiring is switched and fused in the glovebox.


Ignition Box, Digital 6 Plus, Digital CD, with 2-Stage Rev Limiter, 1 Stage Retard.

Built-in features on the MSD Digital-6 Plus ignition include two rotary switch adjustable rev limiters,

a single-stage timing retard, a start-up timing retard, an LED fault display, EMI protection.


RPM Activated Switch, LED Push Button Adjustment, Each They include a ground to activate a circuit, and can handle up to 1.5 amps.

Activate and deactivate circuits at pre-programmed rpm "windows" with these MSD switches.

They are especially useful for nitrous equipped engines, because the nitrous system can be shut down just before the engine's high rev limit.