Barry Grant BG400-2

Free Flow Rate: 400 gph

Maximum Pressure (psi): 25

These BG400-2 fuel pumps from BG Fuel Systems are designed for high-volume delivery for drag race or other short duration competition.

An externally adjustable bypass (16-25+ psi) allows pressure to be set at the pump.

These lightweight pumps are compatible with gasoline and alcohol


Fuel Pressure Regulator, Red Anodized, 6-9 psi,

These 2-Port PLUS+ fuel pressure regulators from BG Fuel Systems feature a compact design with high-volume capability.

They're ideal for single 4-barrels up to 650 HP.

Nitrous Oxide System, Cheater, Wet, 150-250 hp, 10 lb. Bottle, Blue, Square Bore, 4-Barrel

Can be adjusted in a matter of seconds to add an additional 150 to 250 HP, simply by changing fuel and nitrous jets.

They use a thin, 1/2 in. injector plate that fits between your carburetor and intake.

Highly accurate spray bars within the plate simultaneously inject both nitrous and fuel into the manifold, creating a smooth rush of extra power on demand.

Racing fuel recommended.

These air/fuel monitors consist of an oxygen sensor and a calibrated electronic display, which directly indicate air/fuel ratios from approximately 12 to 15:1.